Farrand GROUP offers the following services:

Expansion and full or partial relocation of international businesses into offshore jurisdictions, to take advantage of the fiscal and business benefits of these locations, including ongoing commercial and intellectual property support:

  • Launching South African Businesses in offshore jurisdictions

    South Africans traditionally have strong business connections to the United Kingdom and the Crown Dependencies. The Farrand Group, in turn, has strong links to South Africa and is perfectly skilled and set up to launch South African enterprises within these jurisdictions and advise on the regulatory tax and exchange control requirements.

  • Landing Clients in these jurisdictions

    Additionally, the Farrand Group has the required expertise and a credible presence to grow businesses and land clients in these offshore jurisdictions.

  • Affiliations with Global Law Firms

    We operate through a large network of recognised and established contractors and other law firms, seeking active collaboration with local fiduciary firms by referring trust and investment services to them, while we, in turn, provide South African tax, international tax, and legal support to these firms.

Advice on private wealth, international tax, cross-border transactions, Common Reporting Standards (CRS), exchange control and tax litigation issues, including:

  • Estate planning

    We assist individuals with their estate planning, including guidance on situs tax and advise on wills, foundations and trust structures as well as the drafting and execution thereof.

  • Establish trust and corporate structures

    We assist with the establishment of trust and other corporate structures in South Africa and offshore jurisdictions, in conjunction with our established network of corporate service providers.

  • Cross-Border Transactions

    We assist individuals, families, and corporates with cross-border transactions and disclosure requirements, with a specific focus on the various tax and exchange control implications, the applications of CRS provisions, and the implications of the automatic exchange of information (AEOI) between jurisdictions.

  • Regularisation with Authorities

    We regularise tax and exchange control affairs with authorities (including the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and the South African Reserve Bank (SARB)) through voluntary disclosure programmes and negotiations.

  • International Pension Plans (IPP)

    We advise on the South African and international law principles applicable to IPPs, including tax advice on employer and employee contributions to IPPs, withdrawal of retirement benefits from IPPs, estate planning, and foreign employment exemptions.

  • Trust Dispute Resolution

    We offer expert guidance and legal services in the realm of trust dispute resolution. Trust disputes frequently emerge among trustees, beneficiaries, and other relevant parties, and they often entail intricate legal and tax difficulties. Our role is to navigate these complex legal and tax issues, providing the necessary expertise and support to help resolve the disputes.


Global Filing Solutions for individuals and corporates with a global footprint, including:

  • Emigration Assistance

    We assist individuals and families wishing to emigrate from South Africa with the necessary planning, advice and assistance regarding various tax and exchange control requirements, SARS notifications, audit and tax filings.

  • Cross-Border Tax Filings

    We assist individuals and corporates with cross-border tax filings with the respective revenue authorities in which they reside or hold assets.

  • Authorised International Transfers

    We provide advice regarding the use of foreign capital allowances by South African resident and non-residents as well as the filing of Authorised International transfer applications with the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    We assist with SARS verifications, audits, as well as the filing of objections and appeals with SARS.

  • Tax Residency Certificates

    We assist with advice determining tax residency as well obtaining tax residency certificates from the relevant tax authorities.

  • Affiliations with Global Tax Practitioners

    We have partners in most jurisdictions to assist with the seamless filing of multi-jurisdictional tax return filings and related processes.